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Education Law Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

Children with a diagnosed disability are entitled to receive school-funded services that will allow those children to receive a benefit from their education. The child’s special education services are provided through an Individualized Education Program (IEP). All children are entitled to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and a child with a disability must receive appropriate services that will allow that child to receive an FAPE.

Navigating the IEP process can often be challenging and frustrating for parents.
Some examples:

  • – Disagreements among IEP team members

  • – The school district could be failing to provide the appropriate services

  • – Parents can disagree with the school district about which services are appropriate

  • – A child’s IEP goals may not be written clearly or well enough for that child’s situation

  • – Your child’s school refuses to provide necessary services.

There are other reasons the IEP process is not working well for your family.

Specific examples concenring Education Law and parents

We can help you with any of these issues and concerns. Our firm specializes in representing families with special education problems. Some issues we handle are due process hearings, state complaints, IEP assessments, IEP development, advocacy at IEP meetings and throughout the process, discipline, expulsion, and denial of FAPE.

If you are facing challenges with your child’s IEP and you believe the school district is not appropriately addressing your child’s educational needs, you may need to file a due process complaint to have a judge determine whether you child is being denied appropriate services. Please contact our office for a consultation if you believe your child is being denied an appropriate education.

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General Education Law

In addition to Special Education Law, our firm also specializes in areas of general education. When your child is having difficulty at school, whether due to other students, your child’s behavior, or the school environment, it can cause stress for the entire family.

Our firm can assist with bullying issues, expulsion, suspension, improper discipline, and school problems arising out of a child receiving juvenile delinquency charges. When these issues arise, and school districts make their decisions, parents feel they have little to no say in what is happening with their child. This creates situations that are adversarial and stressful. If your family is facing one of these issues, please contact our office for a consultation.

Our Education Law specialist is Blair Quinn McCarthy or call.