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We care about our clients, and your success is our primary focus. We're always available to listen and answer questions, and we will work tirelessly on behalf of your justice—from the second you pass through our doors, until the conclusion of your case. Our services span divorce and family law, juvenile law, and criminal law. Learn how we can help when you schedule a free consultation at our Denver, Colorado, office today.

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Jeffrey J. Timlin


Being a lawyer allows Jeffrey to look at the world in a different way, and to help improve the lives of every client he represents. His caseload largely involves criminal defense, dependency and neglect cases as well as family law. He's found that families involved with the Department of Human Services can greatly benefit from the assistance of an attorney who understands both the criminal and family court systems. By focusing on these law areas, he is able to deliver comprehensive advocacy to his clients.

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Melissa J. Rye


Melissa Rye offers extensive trial experience and an exceptional reputation—not only as a trial lawyer but also as a person who always prioritizes her client’s best interests. Her creative and client-first approach to forming solutions and strategies has allowed her clients to be successful and thrive under her representation. She primarily practices in the areas of juvenile law and family law, representing parents, children, relatives, placement providers, and more.

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Protecting your family is your top priority. Protecting your rights is ours. From contested divorces to child custody modifications and alimony agreements, our attorneys will advocate for your best possible outcome. And if your child or loved one is facing charges, you can rely on us for aggressive and compassionate representation. No matter your situation, we're prepared to fight for you in and out of the courtroom.


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More Client Reviews


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Is it Kidnapping When You Take Your Own Child?

One question that often arises among single and divorced parents in Denver, Colorado, is whether taking their own child can be considered kidnapping. This article aims to shed light on this matter by exploring local laws, offering practical steps, and providing resources to protect your rights and your child's best interests.

Arrested teenager with handcuffs on his hands

Are Parents Responsible for Their Child’s Crimes?

One of the most distressing situations a parent can face is discovering their child has engaged in criminal activity. This unsettling reality often leaves parents questioning their own responsibilities and potential legal consequences.

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We provide our clients with nearly 80 years of combined experience in criminal law, juvenile law, and family law. Throughout our careers, we have handled over 250 trials, including 10 first-degree murder cases. Our work ethic and extensive knowledge allow us to help clients seek the best possible solution for their difficult situations. Whether you've been charged with a serious crime or your child is facing juvenile charges, we're dedicated to securing the justice you deserve.

Criminal defense and family law cases are some of the most difficult legal matters people can deal with. Our seasoned attorneys and litigators understand the emotional turmoil you're enduring, which is why we're so passionate about helping you pave a path toward a brighter future. From our office in Denver, Colorado, we're proud to serve people throughout Adams County, Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, Denver County and Douglas County. Contact our firm to schedule a free consultation. We're looking forward to hearing your story.