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We found our experience with the law office to be both rewarding and fulfilling.  Our family was attempting to address some relatively significant concerns with our child’s school and school district.  We were fortunate to work with Jeff.  His services gave true meaning to the phrase counselor at law. The insightful and meaningful guidance we received really helped us make some difficult decisions.  We felt supported and ultimately they were instrumental in our family efficiently reaching a satisfactory resolution.

Chad and Ariadna

Jeff Timlin proved his strategic prowess and resolve to me during a very difficult time. As you can imagine, it is very difficult to stay calm in familial matters because they are so close to the heart. Emotions easily overrun rational thought processes. Therefore, you hang onto every word and hope for the absolute best. Jeff delivered on every word, he never gave up, and he triumphed. It was very clear to me during our engagement that my case came before everything, including the money. He is worth ten times his rate.


Divorce is one of the most difficult journeys one ever embarks upon; you are faced with huge decisions. One of the first will be choosing an attorney that will be in your corner, represent you well, and most importantly help you navigate the immense mountain of paperwork. Jeffrey Timlin, and his paralegal Kerry, walk you step by step through the process. They help when you feel overwhelmed, are responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable – I highly recommend them to anyone facing a divorce.


As foster parents who realized that the system was about to fail the child placed in our care, we turned to Mr. Timlin to intervene in the dependency and neglect case. Thanks to our legal team’s attention and ingenuity, we were able to represent our foster child’s best interests to the court and reach a creative solution that benefited him and ensured that he stayed in our care.

Mr. Timlin and his staff gave us confidence and a realistic view of our case, used our time and theirs efficiently and effectively, and prepared our experts and witnesses thoroughly for a complex contested hearing.

We trust this team, and we would call on this firm for our needs. We have referred them to our trusted friends and family. When protecting our child was our top priority, this firm was the first recommendation we received – and it was the best call we made..

Peter Padilla and Alan Leyba

This past year our daughter miss stepped and we needed to hire a lawyer to address the issue. Our daughter, like many of her peers, used a fake ID to attempt the purchase of alcohol. Jeff and his staff were not only able to reduce two significant misdemeanors to a minor in possession charge, they also negotiated to have her record expunged upon reaching the age of twenty-one if she did not have another incident.

Our daughter was out of the country or in another state during the legal process. Jeff handled the majority of the case without our daughter’s presence, went above and beyond to travel to meet with authorities, as well as get the case reduced. Jeff and his staff handled us like we were friends and made a difficult, stressful process bearable. We could not be happier with the outcome.


Jeff always supported me and treated me with dignity and respect. He has worked hard to stand up for my rights as a father. Standing up for my children and me, has been a top priority for this law firm, and this is extremely important to my family.


Jeff Timlin is a wonderful attorney. He has represented my family for several years in all different aspects of the law. I have recommended him to several others, something I never do. He is very knowledgeable and never promises what he can’t deliver. His office staff is also the best, taking time to answer my questions and reassure me. They do not overstep, if they are not sure of an answer they find out. He also has a kind quiet demeanor that is very reassuring, it’s obvious from the get go he knows what he is doing.