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Juvenile Law Attorneys in Denver, Colorado

Juvenile law is a unique and mysterious area of the law. Many attorneys believe they can practice in this area, and very few have the knowledge to be successful.

Knowledge specific of juvenile law is imperative off your attorney is to be successful. Dependency and Neglect action is when the department of human services threatens your ability to parent your children. When a government agency removes your parental control and tells you how to parent your children. Success is making sure your children remain in your care in a dependency and neglect action.

Many people are affected by the intervention of the department of human services in a family’s life. The parents, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles could be affected by the intervention. Often children are removed from their parents’ care and placed in foster care, with a relative or a friend. All of these individuals have rights that need to be understood and protected.

At this point, knowledge is not enough, you need an attorney who can maneuver through the system protecting your rights. Your attorney needs a working relationship with all parties involved in the court. Your attorney needs their respect to do the best job possible for you.

We have represented thousands of clients successfully in Juvenile Law and will protect your rights and assist in successfully maintaining your family.

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Dependency and neglect area is unique, and so is the delinquency area. Crimes committed by a juvenile can have long lasting repercussions unless you obtain legal assistance from a knowledgeable, skilled and caring attorney.

Being charged with a crime whether you are a juvenile or an adult can not only be devastating, but life changing. The results in the delinquency area could affect your ability to obtain employment, go to college and be a successful adult.

We have successfully represented thousands of young adults charged with a delinquent act and who have gone on to be very successful adults.

We have spent years practicing law in the Colorado Courts gaining the skill, knowledge, and respect from judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys that allow us to obtain the best results for our clients.

The reputation we developed is one of respect, caring and winning, and this tradition will continue for all future clients.

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