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3 Actions Parents Can Take when A Child Is Struggling in School

Attorneys at Law Timlin & Rye Feb. 9, 2015

If your child is struggling in school, they may be eligible for special education services through the school. It can be extremely frustrating trying to address educational problems with the teachers and school administrators.

As a parent, you have rights to your child’s education the school may not be explaining to you adequately.

Here are 3 actions when considering if your child would benefit from special education services.

1. Get your child assessed. You have the right to request that your child’s school perform educational assessments on your child. Assessments done by schools are adequate and are performed by professionals. However, I would recommend getting a private assessment if you are able. Many insurance companies cover testing in a range of areas, including hearing, sight, autism spectrum testing, and even speech.

2. Interpret results. Once the results of the assessment are completed, having a trained professional interpret those results is crucial. These results determine whether your child will be eligible for special education services. The assessment also determines the type and the extent of services needed.

It’s more complicated than it sounds because these written test reports use scientific language and use means and averages. The person who performed the testing should take the time to sit down with you to explain thoroughly the results.

3. Do it in writing. When you are negotiating with a school regarding special education services and individualized education plans, get everything in writing.

  • To protect yourself and your child, write down all communication and requests for the school.

  • Require that all communication from the school be in writing.

  • Require all school meetings be written down.

  • These written documents provide protection should this situation end up in a disagreement with the school.

If this whole process is overwhelming and you are struggling as well as your child, please contact Timlin & Rye, P.C. by phone or email us.  

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