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5 Reasons Having an Attorney Handle Traffic Violations Is Important

Attorneys at Law Timlin & Rye Oct. 1, 2014

Have you thought of using an attorney when you receive a traffic ticket?  Here is why you should.

Drivers receive traffic tickets on a daily basis; some carry only minor consequences, others have a significant impact on a person’s life.

Most people don’t realize attorneys are available to help with traffic violations or what are the benefits of using an experienced traffic attorney.  Seemingly minor traffic infractions or violations can have a big impact on someone’s life.

5 Reasons Having an Attorney Handle Traffic Violations Is Important.

1. Attorneys know the law

Although traffic law and procedure are not exceptionally complicated it takes experience and research to understand the implications of this particular law, including any possible exceptions or “loop-holes.”

For example, Colorado conforms to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and if charged with violating a traffic control sign, an experienced traffic attorney will know whether a particular is not conforming or authorized and that may provide a valid defense.

Attorneys know and understand the drivers licensing laws, the substantive and procedural law necessary if a trial must occur, as well as overlapping principals of criminal law including search and seizure.

2. Attorneys know the players and the playing field.

One of the most important aspects of practicing law is building relationships with other attorneys, judges, clerks, police officers, and other court personnel. Although traffic laws are pretty much uniform across the state, they are often enforced and handled differently in each jurisdiction. It is important to know the requirements of each jurisdiction to settle or disprove a particular charge or the certain procedures guidelines.

3. For certain traffic offenses, an attorney may be able to appear without the client.

In addition to the stress of being charged or cited for a traffic offense, court appearances require people to miss work and can impact their ongoing employment. For many charges, an attorney can go in place of the client and settle, or attempt to settle the case in as little as one appearance.

4. Attorneys know how to present evidence and themselves in a courtroom.

People who represent themselves are still held to the same standard as attorneys when it comes to presenting evidence, presenting themselves, questioning witnesses, and participating in courtroom proceedings.  These actions are especially important if the case proceeds to trial.

5.  Sometimes a person can receive a better resolution just by having an attorney.

It is unfortunate and not necessarily fair, but often the district attorneys or city attorneys that prosecute traffic offenses take advantage of unrepresented individuals without them even knowing. Having an attorney could increase a person’s chances for a plea bargain agreement for a lesser charge or for having your ticket dismissed, saving points on a person’s driving record, avoid having their license suspended, and increased auto insurance rates.

If you received a ticket for a traffic offense or infraction and are unsure of your options, or are firm on fighting the ticket, please contact my office to discuss your case.  Please call us or Email us 

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