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When Do You Need an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney?

Attorneys at Law Timlin & Rye Dec. 13, 2018

If Your Child Is in Trouble, You Need an Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney on Your Side

Has your child committed a juvenile offense? From shoplifting to driving under the influence, criminal charges can have long standing consequences that can negatively affect your child even after they turn 18. To avoid permanent blemishes on your child’s record or the devastating impacts of being sent to a Juvenile Correction Center, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling cases of juvenile delinquency.

The defense attorneys at Timlin Law in Denver know the juvenile law system intimately and are qualified to represent your child’s case. The moments after your child has been accused of a juvenile crime can be overwhelming, emotional, and confusing. The knowledgeable and compassionate team at Timlin Law can counsel your family and guide you through the legal process.

Common Juvenile Criminal Offenses

While no two cases are exactly the same, minors often commit crimes because they easily fall into peer pressure. When extenuating circumstances cause a minor to fall in with the wrong crowd or they are pressured into dangerous and illegal activities, it can affect their life for years after they commit the crime. Additionally, when these activities involve drugs or underage drinking, they are more likely to develop substance abuse problems, leading to more issues as they grow older.

At Timlin Law, we handle a variety of juvenile criminal offenses including but not limited to:

  • Alcohol possession

  • Selling or possessing drugs

  • Underage DUI or public intoxication

  • Vandalism

  • Theft

  • Violent acts such as assault and battery

  • Trespassing

If your child has been accused of a juvenile criminal offense, you need a defense attorney to review the facts of their case and best represent their interests. Adults convicted for these types of crimes might receive more severe penalties such as jail time or serious fines. However, the penalties children face when they get into legal trouble tend to be less severe. A good defense attorney will know how to approach your case and may be able to arrange lesser penalties such as treatment programs, community service, or a probationary period.

Minors Deserve a Second Chance

Simply put, kids make mistakes. However, when a child makes a “mistake” that involves an illegal act, there can be repercussions that follow them for years to come. Many parents who have a child facing a juvenile offense are scared and overwhelmed by the fact that this one incident could ruin their child’s future. If you’re a parent in this situation, it is in your child’s best interest to speak with a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with trying juvenile cases.

After helping countless Colorado youth get back on the right track, the attorneys at Timlin Law believe that the majority of minors who make mistakes deserve a second chance. We have the experience and resources to advocate for your child and push for rehabilitative solutions that focus on personal growth and development rather than harsh punishments such as jail time.

Don’t Wait, Call Timlin Law to Handle Your Child’s Juvenile Charge

The Juvenile Justice System consists of its own unique rules and regulations that differ from the adult system. For this reason, you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney who can aggressively protect your child’s rights and defend their case. With in-depth knowledge and experience handling juvenile cases in Colorado, the attorneys at Timlin Law strive to reach the best possible outcome for every child’s case to ensure that their futures are not severely impacted by past mistakes.

The legal process can be complex making it easy to make errors that can harm your child’s case. The sooner you contact our office the sooner we can advise you on the proper steps to take. Protect your child’s future with Timlin Law.